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The character of this blog is mainly from the fandom Guardians of Childhood/Rise of the Guardians. This blog is Multifandom/OC friendly. Feel free to come and say hi!

About Ebony

Name: Carolina Rosalinda Ebony Pitchiner Nee Centaurii

Alias: Muse, Euterpe or Ebony

Age: Depends on the universe, but is at least a couple of million years old.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’5”

Skin color: Olive toned

Species: Constellation humanoid, later a spirit

Occupation: Euterpe, the Muse of lyrical poetry. She works as a guide of inspiration for all kinds of artists, be it creative, musical or other things.

About the character:

Important: I created her long before Book Four was published, so her death is different in this canon, than it is in the book. This should work well enough for people who haven’t read the book.

Ebony Pitchiner was the late wife of Kozmotis Pitchiner, the Golden General. She was born the daughter of a Governor, Lord Centaurii, who was also of high Nobility. Her mother however, was of more middle class Nobility, and this did that Ebony grew up to become a young, smart woman with both her feet on the ground. A Pooka tutor named Juneberry taught her everything she came to know and learn about arts and crafts.

How their courtship happened, depends entirely on the Kozmotis Pitchiner/Pitch Black I RP with.

When meeting Kozmotis, their courtship has ranged from slightly chaotic, to rather down to earth. Despite Ebony’s father objecting to it, they eventually got married, and their daughter Seraphina was born only a year and a half later.

Through all this time, there were darker times coming. Fearlings and Dream Pirates began to get bolder and attacked innocent Constellation Ships. The Golden Army had its work cut out for it, and Kozmotis soon found himself going higher in the ranks of the Army. Eventually, he earned the rank of General.

Ebony herself began to gain her own fame, not simply as the wife of Kozmotis Pitchiner, but also as a skilled portrait artist, and a firm, clever woman of the Tsars court.


Ebony was killed in a fight against a Dream Pirate when Seraphina was four years old.

They had been at a market place, when the Pirates had attacked. Determined to keep her daughter safe, Ebony hid Seraphina under a flight of stairs, and told her to stay there. She got a hold of a spear, and prepared herself to fight the Dream Pirates off.

Around her, other people were inspired to join her in the fight, rather than simply running off, and grabbed whatever weapons they could find to defend themselves. The fight was long and brutal, and the Dream Pirates were merciless.

Somehow, one of the Dream Pirates got lucky. No one is certain how it happened, but it is believed that Ebony got distracted by something during the fight. This did that she left herself open, and the Dream Pirate took this as a chance to stab her in the heart.

She had achieved her goal, however. Together with whoever had joined her in the fight, Ebony had succeeded in keeping the Pirates at bay, until the Golden Army arrived.

Her courage, and the way she inspired people around her, made the Powers That Be decide that she should be reincarnated as a Spirit of Inspiration.
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